Arnie Attack

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Step into the jungle and take on the ultimate mission in Arnie Attack, an action-packed online web game that challenges you to control a brave soldier named Arnie. Your goal is to collect diamonds, eliminate enemies, and conquer five treacherous levels to complete the mission within a limited time.

Arnie Attack thrusts you into an adrenaline-pumping adventure where every move counts. Maneuver through the dense jungle terrain using the arrow keys to guide Arnie as he hunts for valuable diamonds and battles relentless enemies. You'll need quick reflexes and sharp shooting skills to survive the onslaught of jungle warriors.

Key Features:

5 Challenging Levels: Navigate through five distinct levels filled with dangerous enemies and tricky obstacles that test your combat skills.
Collect Diamonds: Gather diamonds scattered throughout the jungle to boost your score and complete each level.
Limited Time: Each level has a limited time, so you'll need to move fast to complete your objectives.
Simple Controls: Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to shoot, making it easy to dive into the action.
Intense Jungle Combat: Experience fast-paced shooting and explosive action in a vibrant jungle setting.
Whether you're a fan of action games or just love shooting challenges, Arnie Attack delivers hours of fun and excitement. As you progress through each level, the enemies get tougher, and the jungle becomes more dangerous. Only the most skilled soldiers will make it to the end.

Are you ready to join Arnie on his daring mission? Play Arnie Attack now and show your bravery in the jungle!

Touch and keyboard controls.


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