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Prepare for an interstellar showdown in Earth Attack, an action-packed online web game where our planet isn't just under threat—it's fighting back! With the moon by its side, Earth takes on the evil planets that have invaded the Solar System. It's up to you to command Earth's defenses, evolve your arsenal, and obliterate the enemy to secure our survival.

In Earth Attack, you're not just playing a game—you're embarking on a mission to save humanity. This thrilling browser game features 10 intense levels, each packed with hostile planets determined to destroy Earth. As you progress, you'll unlock powerful weapons and upgrades to enhance your speed, firepower, and resilience. The challenge escalates with every level, culminating in an exhilarating finale that will test all the skills you've developed.

Experience the rush of battling through waves of enemies with a rich array of effects, sounds, and animations that make each encounter feel epic. The dynamic gameplay mechanics mean no two battles are ever the same, demanding both strategy and reflexes to prevail.

Earth Attack offers a unique twist on classic arcade shooters, blending cosmic warfare with the urgent need to defend our home. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking for your next challenge or a casual player seeking some quick fun, Earth Attack provides hours of entertainment. With its intuitive controls and engaging progression system, you’ll be hooked from the first level to the last.

Ready to join the fight? Earth Attack is a free web game that you can dive into without any downloads. Defend the Earth, evolve your capabilities, and enjoy a gaming experience that’s as vast as the universe itself.
Play Earth Attack now and become the hero the Earth needs!



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