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Take to the skies in Flight Sim, an exciting online web game that lets you step into the role of an air traffic controller. Your mission is to guide aircraft safely to their landing zones while avoiding mid-air collisions. Keep the skies clear, complete each level, and aim for the highest score in this challenging aviation game.

Flight Sim offers an engaging blend of strategy and quick thinking as you direct each plane to its designated runway. With planes coming from all directions, you'll need sharp reflexes and excellent multitasking skills to ensure each aircraft lands smoothly. As you progress through the levels, the traffic increases, testing your ability to manage the skies efficiently.

Key Features:

Guide Aircraft to Safety: Direct each plane to its landing zone by drawing flight paths with your mouse or finger.
Multiple Levels: Complete increasingly challenging levels to prove your skills as an air traffic controller.
Strategic Gameplay: Plan flight paths carefully to avoid collisions and ensure each plane lands safely.
Dynamic Traffic: Manage a variety of aircraft, each with its own speed and landing requirements.
High Score Challenge: Earn points for each successful landing and see how high you can rank.
Flight Sim is a perfect game for aviation enthusiasts and anyone who loves strategic challenges. Its intuitive controls and addictive gameplay make it easy to jump in and start guiding planes right away.

Are you ready to keep the skies safe and land every plane? Play Flight Sim now and prove your air traffic control skills!



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