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Hi, are you looking at Mr. Potato, a just-tap-button game that is really easy to play but hardly gives you a chance not to keep you entertained? Mr. Potato and his friends face many dangers in the kitchen, including falling or sitting on risky objects, such as toasters and electric utensils. Help them jump to safety by navigating through the kitchen full of hazards. Isn’t this enough of a reason to give it a shot?

In Mr. Potato your main objective is to tap and the screen and make your potato character jump the over kitchen those different kits and clear levels and. And this is because you will have to act with exact timing to have your potato surviving the dangers of that moment. The game’s easy mechanics provide an easy playing experience for the people of all ages, whereas the gradually increasing difficulty level, in a way, attract and persuade the players to keep playing.

Score high points by getting on top of the obstacles and going up the levels to reach your ultimate goal. The number of points you will earn will directly correspond to the number of characters that you can uncover. Choose from four adorable potato characters, each with its unique charm:Choose from four adorable potato characters, each with its unique charm:

Mr. Potato – our own consistency, plus an extraordinary influence.

Angry Potato – Well, I’m mashing type ready and loaded.

Mrs. Potto – Formal and powerful.

Spicy Boss Potato – The whole story unfolds here.

A great amount of matching colors and funny sound make the gaming more thrilling and engaging. As you progresses, you’ll instead of enjoying the beauty of the game, you have to face new problems that tests your reflexes and precision. Battle against your friends, to find out who is the juice king and unlocks all the characters.

Mr. Potato excels perfection for those who want to enjoy some light-hearted gaming experience casually seasoned with unpredictability and playability that never ends. Mr. Potato is now available for download! So give your kitchen plans a go and let your imagination run high. The beats and the melody of wild jump will fill your soul – give it a try and enjoy the game!



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