Roxie's Kitchen: Indian Samosa

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Yay, cute little Roxie is back with a new yummy, and tasty recipe. Now she wants her subscribers to show cooking Indian all-time tasty and favorite dish, samosa. Help her to prepare the tasty and yummy Indian-style samosas. First collect the required ingredients like veggies, masalas, flour, water, oil, and more. Mix and prepare the stuffings to stuff in samosa, next mix the flour well and make the shapes and stuff the veggies and fry it in the oil. Next, decorate with cool toppings and make them look spicy and colorful. As usual, finally, select the Indian style dresses for our cute little Roxie and make her look cute desi and gorgeous. Share your creative skills on your account. Stay tuned to for more Roxie recipes. Play more games only on



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